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Being Manufacturers of bathing products, we at Parkovic are aware of the water scarcity issues globally as water scarcity issue is one as the most alarming issues warldwide. Hence, we believe in doing our bit for the society by developing products that will help to save water for the future generations. (Except Concealed Stop Cocks, Stop Cock, Divertors & Flush Valves) now come with following flow controllers."" If we don't act now, we'll soon come to a critical point where water won't be readily available"



This technology lets the taps and shower save up to 80% of water. A part from an attractive stream pattern, it products a virtually constant flow rate

Each Parkovic flow regulator comprises of a housing and precision control O-Ring made of rubber. The O-Ring changes shape when water flows through it higher pressure.

Pressmatic Faucets

Taps with technology that allows only a fixed quantity of water to flow with every press.

To place order the product with these flow rates mentioned all you need to do is to add the required flow rate code to the desired product, For example, if you want to order Divine Single Lever Basin Mixer with flow rate of 5.7L/min the code will be DV - 2762-5.7L. Similarly for 8.3L/min will be DV-2462 8.3L and so on