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Warranty period

All our faucet are warranted against manufacturing defect for 10 yrs from the date purchase. Warranty does not include external damage by mishanding, Improper maintenance, faulty installation, use of toxic sunstances like acids, strong detergent etc. Limited warranty of one year on Shower, Health faucets Pressmatic Taps.

Repair / Replacement policy

Normally, our service technicians take care of any customer complaints, Spare parts having any manufacturing detects are changed free of charge. For damaged and out of warrantee material, cost of spare parts is charged. Only in case of manufacturing defects, which can not be in case of manufacturing defects which can not replacement of the piece through Dealer / Company.

Customer guide lines

Do not use harsh cleaning agents containing abrasives & use a soft sponge or wet cloth with soapy water, diluted vinegar to protect the color finish.

Clean the aerators provided in the items at regular intervals for a perfect foam flow of water from the fitting.

To ensure uninterrupted pressure of water, it is advisable to keep the pipeline straight with minimum number of bends, which will support smooth flow of water.

All the supply lines must have vent pipe, these vent pipes help in removing air - locking in the water supply to give a smooth flow of water.

Clean the overhead tank thoroughly to avoid deposition of foreign particals.

Prior to fixation the faucets, ensure to clean the pipe line thoroughly to flush all deposition of foreign particals otherwise it may damage the faucets.

Buy parkovic product from Company Authorised Dealers to ensure geniun quality material.