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WV 3101

Pillar Cock

WV 3102

Swan Neck with spout

WV 3122

Centre Hole Basin Mixer

WV 3126

Sink Mixer with cast swivel spout

WV 3106

Bib Cock

WV 3110

Bib Cock Long Body

WV 3111

Bib Cock two way

WV 3117

Basin Inlet Connection (Angle Valve)

WV 3119

Two way Angle Valve

WV 3127

Wall Mixer Non Telephonic Type

WV 3134

Wall Mixerwith provision for overhead shower with long bend and wall flange( Also available with crutch)

WV 3115

Conceaked Stop Cock Female end with Sliding Cap

WV 3108

Bib Cock Long Nose

WV 3120

Sink Cock Tap With Spout

WV 3128

Sink Mixer (Table Mounted)

WV 3135

Wall Mixer 3 in 1 with Provision forTelephonic Shower & Overhead Shower

WV 3132

Wall Mixer Telephonic with Telephonic Shower Arrangement with Crutch